The better way to promote our range of Robotic kits is to educate others, Hence we have started conducting Robotic training classes to your students and educate them to use our kits in a more effective way.


Solar Designs

  • Resin Laminated Modules
  • Solar Fan Caps
  • Solar Laser Cut Cells
  • Solar Candles ( Diya )
  • Solar LED Signage Boards
  • Robotic Walker
  • Adruino Powered ( Infinity bot)
  • Zero Bot

Robotics from the bottom of our Heart

While our heart beats Solar, our mind works on Robotics to the young mind with a view to satiate their curiosity about Science and Engineering. We designed the basic Robotic Walker in 2010 for the secondary school students to assemble and build their Martian walker and pride themselves in it. Thereafter we put in our efforts to develop the adruino based Robotics for higher level student doing engineering with programming skills  to tickle their brains and believe that sky is the limit in programming adruino based Robotics.

Robotics is a new manufacturing business we have developed since 2013 and since then a few models have been made and developed for students unto graduation level

Solar Products

Our Range of Solar products and designs for startups and professionals

We had started manufacturing Solar Resin Laminated Modules in the year 2005 as a basic component for Indian industry as a substitute of costly imported products. After which we started manufactured finished products from Solar modules like Solar caps and Solar candles ( Diyas) Solar Education kits . We have now advanced ourselves by designing and manufacturing Solar Signage boards and Ad boards for the market.

Further advancing on our knowledge on Solar, we have developed the Solar Signage boards for commercial signage boards and other products like Solar table lamps cum mobile charger.

Our Products:

We manufacture a range of Solar products which includes Solar laser Cut cells, Resn Laminated Solar Modules, Solar fan caps, Solar candles ( Diyas ) and Solar Education kit.

Innovative Solutions in Solar and Engineering


Robotics Training