Our Products

Gorgeous Grains

OK, they’re not just gorgeous, our grains are also delicious, organic and simple to use. We even have a fantastic recipe for our homemade whole-wheat bread.  Just wait until you try it!

Perfect Peas

We’re not one to brag, but our peas are simply the best you’ve ever had. There sweet, crisp and delicious. Fill all of your salads, pastas or as a snack and you’ll see just what we’re talking about.

Snappy Asparagus

Our asparagus is a perfect side dish for your summertime BBQ. There sure to send smiles around your table like you’ve never experienced with such a versatile vegetable. 

Sweet Corn

Our sweet corn stalks have matured in a magnificent way this season. There sure to be a brilliant crowd pleaser for any summertime activity where food is involved. 

Robotic Walker

Exciting project to understand and generate interest in robotics
Hobby cum Educational Gift
This is do -it- yourself kit .This kit comes with plastic parts ,mechanical parts with assembly manual .
When completely assembled this robot uses a condenser microphone to sense changes in sound (such as clapping) It converts sound signal into electronic signals to power a motor and Walker Robo will walk forward for a preset time( 10 sec -20sec). Build this exciting robot yourself and learn about electronics, sound, motors, gears and the mechanics of motion the robot reacts to sound and will move every time you command it. Build the robot with the help of construction manual that makes you feel like an engineer once you have completed the Walker Robo.Hands-on study helps students cultivate interest in academics . It channelizes energy of students in a focused direction. Real source of knowledge is "Experience". Click here to see a video of the Robotic walker in action.

Jubilant Oranges

Not only are our oranges our pride and joy, but they also are a huge crowd pleaser for every type of taste bud in your family. 

Brilliant Radishes

Here at the Golden Crop, we think that radishes sometimes get a bad rap. But, nothing beats their unique flavor in salads, or even on your favorite Mexican dish. 

Perfect Red Onions

Perfect for all of your salads and hamburgers this season, our onions are sure to knock your socks off. Gifted with a crunch and a touch of sweetness our onions give you something to talk about.