Solar Light Caps from 2C - NZ

The 2C-One is our very latest design.It incorporates all the award winning technology of our original 2C Solar Light Cap, in a smaller, lighter design - just 105 grams (0.23lbs). The cap has a crystalline solar module on the cap front flap which charges an inbuilt battery, which illuminate an LED Light. With the help of lenses, the LED light is focused to give bright light to light up a pathway. Materials used is 100% cotton, or cotton/cane front with polyester rear mesh. Uses are for Promotional, Charities, Fishing, Outdoors, Survival Kit. Watch one of our videos here. Click here to see another video of the 2C1 Solar cap in use in the dark while trekking.

Solar Road Studs

We get our Solar Road Studs manufactured as per our requirement using our in house build Solar Modules. The modules are specified at 2.5 volts 100 ma and  the battery is a 1.2 V, 3000 Mah Li battery. This capacity gives a working life of continuous up to 2 nights flashing LED at a frequency of 1 cycle per second when the battery is fully charged. Please see a video link here of various pictures of our Solar Road Studs


Our Products

Indian Fabric Solar Fan Cap

This solar evaporative air conditioned Cool Cap uses sunshine to keep you cool when temperature is going off the scale on a hot sunny day. It reduces your perspiration as it protects your beautiful face against sunburn at the same time.
With a small powerful fan powered by a solar panel atop the cap, you perspiration is kept under control. The fan quietly blows across your forehead and face to reduce perspiration and keep you very comfortable even when it over 100 degree out there. Cap is with adjustable headband & fits almost any size head. See live videos of the cap here, here and here.

Solar Signage Boards

Solar Signage boards are advertisement boards or Outdoor display lighted boards which are powered using Solar energy stored in batteries. The design of our boards are such that during non sunny times when the charging cannot happen from the sun rays, we can power our boards using electrical power from conventional mobile phone chargers. Please click here to see a presentation of a few of our Solar signage boards built by us. To see the performance of our day night auto switching circuit in our Solar Signage boards, do click here and  here

Solar Education Demo Kit

Our Solar education kits consist of a few model combination of combination of our Resin Laminated solar Modules, LED bulbs and or motor with fan as seen. . One kit consists of 2v 150 ma encapsulated solar photo voltaic module + 2v dc motor + fan blade + LED Bulb which works under Sunlight or even a High power Halogen lamp. The other kit consists of 2v 30 ma encapsulated solar photo voltaic module module + LED Bulb, which also works under sunlight or halogen Lights. Please click here to see a video of our Solar Education kit.

Solar Aviation Warning Lights

LIOL-A LIOL-B (Low Intensity Obstruction Light) Low intensity obstruction light complete with solar panel, multi led type. In compliance with ICAO Annex 14 Type A, Type B and FAA L-810. Single or twin, night only, steady burning, red..Characteristics: Based on LED technology, RED Steady burning light >10 cd, LIOL-A,>32 cd, LIOL-B Stabilized light output, Long LED life time >10 years life expectancy, Low consumption, Easy to install, No RF-radiations, Autonomy: 32cd, ≥3days,10cd ≥10days, Degree of protection: IP65, Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C Weight: 20kg, Patented beacon: Germany 20 2011 107 787.3; France 1160162)

Solar Diya ( Candle )

Happy eco friendly Diwali Solar Diya Lamp. Use it on other days in your home temple altar.Battery is replaceable locally after its life is over.No Oil, No smoke emitted.No heat generated and no risk of burns.No consumption of conventional electricity. No maintenance cost.Full charge for 12 hours will give 10 hours of light.Switch on the bottom of the lamp. See Solar Diya pictures in Youtube here..

1) Solar Module is 3V
2) Battery is Li battery
3) LED consumes 5 ma
4) Size of this diya is the same as the conventional clay diya available in the market.

Resin Laminated Solar Modules

Our Resin Laminated Solar modules are manufactured in our factory in India using Laser cut Solar Cells from smallest size of 0.55 Volts 80 ma which is about 48 mm by 6 mm in size. These cells are selected in a matrix form to the desired power rating of the module to be made and placed on a sub strata and coated with PU resin or EVA under controlled temperature and pressure conditions. Do check here for a test report from a third party test lab in New Zealand with whom we have business relations